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Ruslan Nurtdinov

Ruslan Nurtdinov is the head of «R&A-production» company. He is one of the youngest producers of Russia.

Ms. Lilia Ushanova, an experienced choreographer and teacher in Ufa, was the first to notice that her student, Ruslan Nurtdinov, was a person of no ordinary abilities. At that time, being a child, Ruslan had been attending a dance studio “Schelkunchik” (“The Nutcracker”) directed by Mrs. Ushanova Lilia, along with her brother, Yulay Ushanov, took very seriously the preparing of the young boy  for a future career as a professional ballet dancer.

« Only because of their [Mrs & Mr Ushanovs’] insistence, even rather, demand, my parents sent me to a ballet school. I used to cry a lot and had no desire to study at all! But the least I like is to be the last, so I had to work hard…» – these are the memories of the young producer about the start of his artistic career.

As a result, Ruslan Nurtdinov got an excellent ballet education: he started in R. Nureyev Choreography College (Ufa, Russia; class of A. Khakimov), graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy (Saint-Petersburg, Russia; class of G. Selyutskiy). His next step was an Internship in the Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington D.C. ( Washington D.C., USA;  Class of A. Kucheruk)). There, in the US,  as a  dancer, R. Nurtdinov realized that the Russian ballet, with its rich heritage, performing and teaching traditions, was highly valued all over the world; it became kind of prestigious “brand”, carried on at the highest level by modern days Russian dancers, choreographers and producers. Later, during his international tours, which included various cities in Europe, Canada, USA, Republic of South Africa, China, Taiwan,  Ruslan had a lot of chances to confirm his belief.

As a soloist, Mr. Nurtdinov mastered his skills being a member of the best national ballet companies. His first choice was the P. I. Tchaikovsky’s Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Next came Mikhailovsky Theatre and the Ballet Theater of Saint Petersburg, respectfully. As a dancer, Mr. Nurtdinov also had an opportunity to participate in the Rudolph Nureyev’s  International Ballet Art Festival (Ufa 2007) and the National Theatre Festival “Golden Mask” (Moscow 2009).

Mr. Nurtdinov’s repertoire consist of a wide range of leading roles of  classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballets. Among them are: «Swan Lake», «The Sleeping Beauty», «The Nutcracker», «Le Corsair», «Don Quixote»,  «Giselle», «La Sylphide», «La Bayadère», «Chopiniana", "Les Sylphide", «Master and Margarita», «Anyuta», «Spartacus», «Chipollino», «Romeo and Juliet», «Cinderella»;   G. Balanchine’s «Serenade» and «Pianoforte Concerto  №2», J. Robbins’ «The Four Seasons» and many more.

Sharing his thoughts about being a performing artist, R. Nurtdinov says: «Working on stage, I’ve learnt to understand and even “feel” the audience. My artistic experience helps me to perform my job as a producer: to set the lights properly for a show, install the linoleum correctly, schedule the rehearsals, provide comfortable conditions for the artists during the tour, make the performance interesting for the audience. I try to do everything as I would do for myself, because I know firsthand what it means to be a ballet dancer».

Ruslan started his career as a producer when he was very young, with the ballet company of Konstantin Tachkin in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Besides organizing performances, he worked simultaneously as a soloist and the Assistant of the Company’s Artistic Director. The Founder of «R&A-production» says: «Initially, there were not only objective  challenges: many people were confused by my age and lack of experience. There were very few who believed in my abilities, and it was really hard for me not to have any moral or professional support. My self-sufficiency and the feeling of professional calling saved me and gave the assurance and confidence about the way I chose in life».

Later, a “would-be producer” put together a trial concert tour, bringing the leading dancers from Moscow ballet companies to France and Spain. After that, Ruslan organized Gala concerts of Russian ballet stars in Hong Kong, and later - the programs in Johannesburg and Clarence (RSA), where he also founded a charity workshops for poor children of Africa.

In September 2011, Ruslan Nurtdinov established his own company,  «R&A-production». Now he has seven outstanding independent projects, that certainly can be considered a success. Especially, if you measure the success with criteria such as: eyes of the audience full of excitement and delight, hearts beating in unison with a thrill, stormy applauses, calls for “encore”, stream of reviews and numerous invitations from various theaters.

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